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Who do you know?

Who will buy a picture without silence? So kind, so blue, take a little private sphere and make a difference being

Be the first or second, the nice wall on the tiny planet, blind and brave

Find the gravitation, speeding up and slowing down, on the paper, and the paper give you an absolution

In fact, this is a sky without us, without anything slightly full of space and prays

Ten million stars under your room, in the hotel without numbers, above the hill

Who do you know? Where’s that place? From now to neverending system, beyond the Big Bang Song

To help you, to telling a story about multiverse in vibration colors

Find another dimensions in cable, speeding up and slowing down, put them together and play guitar without strings

On the other hand, there’s no explanation for the power of life, the nature of leading water- president sitting on the chair of subatomic particles

You, backdoor man, what is your garden like, dedicated to his fathers lives, to your goodlooking whishes, hunting hours of nothing

Words flowing easy, time forced pressure, falling down to the bottom of unreal games

Step by step, night by night, we know the truth: the Tought will become everything, the man is only medium for its spread all over the space

What do you know about anything?

What do you want to know?

About everything?

Posted by drgligora

Rođen u Pagu. Završio Filozofski fakultet u Zadru. Doktorirao na Filolozofskom fakultetu u Zagrebu. Poslodavac HRT.

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