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Oh Lord Save all Our Seals
give the kids poor some small meals
hopeless give them some rich hope
legalize a healthy Dope

Priceless give them decent price
hungry give a sack of rice
loveless give them Lots OLove
frozen ones the wood for stove

Cleanless sweep them filthy dirt
for the naked fig leaf skirt
to the darkness please give lights
please stop wars and end the fights

To the lonely send company
penniless please give some money
all unfaithful give them fate
make the haters to stop hate

All the cursed reward with bless
give the beggars some clean dress
the last one nevertheless
please arrange all wide World mess

And from pure hearts for tonight
help Cro-Boys to win the fight
make us small ones happy, please
I know you can, you’re the Wiz

Posted by Pjero Marinov


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