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I. Still so early

First good sight – M.’s arms

Rooms were scary, people dirty like horses in barns

Dirty sights & smells, the dawning of a new trauma

I don’t feel like in a mental institution, feels more like I’m in a coma

The first meal was rice with milk, sweet enough given the circumstance

Still… I would’ve had shot my brains out if had a chance

There was rambling, shouting, shit I need not know

This was definitely a two-o-eleven ego blow

I felt like the worst was yet to come in a short-term package

Yet this became a lifestyle of sorts due to an all-encompassing damage

Rock bottoms, ups and downs and hospital clothes

How my story ends, will I ever know?!

The police came, it’s like they’ll never leave

Then again, that just leaves the path for the ambulance free

Still so early to get better

Will I ever get wiser, ever get clever?

Autor Teclo

Marko. 28 godina. Živim i ne radim u Zagrebu. Pjesnik. Pušač. Kavopija. Slatkoljubac. Grunge + pop + electroclash zvuk. Ne pripadam sebi kako spada. Crtam. Analiziram. Blogger. Borderliner. Deprica i buca.


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