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Love you my dear old New York
let me have your spoon & fork,
let me eat all your cuisine
and dance little sweet sixteen

Let me climb all your skyscrapers
let me read all fresh newspapers,
let me climb your missing Towers
for them let me grow the flowers

Let me pay for all your sins
let me wear all of your skins,
let me see your Liberty mark
let me roam the Central park

Let me hitchhike in Brooklyn
let me find my next of kin,
show me Christmas  in Times square
let me see Vanity fair

Let me hear the girls to sing
in the Sarah Lawrence ring,
find miss Margie Benczak lost
and her present living post

And don’t send me to New Jersey
oh New York do have a mercy,
introduce me to Bob Dylan
let me be your Bronx-y villain,
let me be your Wall street broker
let me, please, be a… New Yorker

Posted by Pjero Marinov


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