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Ajla Šarić, 16.2.2017

Every step I take

is acquainted by a Doom;

Magnificent, malicious, Great

Like a Winter in it’s bloom

Like a Summer in it’s coldness,

a shy child in it’s boldness

A shallow abyss that penetrates

through my eyes

Reflecting the bleak nearness

of the stars


As if I could fit the World

in the palm of my hand

As if I wanted

to fit the world

in the palm of my hand


Oh, how great is this life!

How wonderful and fair!

As some are born to “sweet delight”

and some to bottomless despair


And if comfort we must find

in hope that death is near,

and if that “we” is “I”

then the Doom is indeed  clear

As my Doom is not to die;

my Doom is to be here.

Autor Decadent


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