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In my dreams you carried me

Through the streets of daily life.

In my dreams, I’ve clung to you,

I’ve never wanted to say goodbye.


In my dreams you fed me

With sweets to flavor hollow days.

In my dreams, I clung to you

Missing our quirky ways.


In my dreams, you told me:

You belong to another land.

In my dreams, I clung to you,

That’s not how it should end.


In my dreams, I hugged you crying:

Don’t let me live without you again!

In my dreams, I clung to you

Saying it would never be the same!


In my dreams, native girls called me

To have fun and forget the pain.

But in my dreams I still cling to you

Crying everything would be in vain.


In my dreams, they offered me

Broken seat with open heart.

But in my dreams and memories

You were my throne’s guard.



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