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If you look straight at her eyes, you can see the truth,

if you obeyed her command, you could live, the eternal youth.

Very few learned the meaning of her soul,

but those who did, into immortality they stroll.

Oh Sadness.

This lonely forgotten word that is damned to forever be alone.

Once she was a lady, standing on her greatest throne.

Now left, with her own misfortune without any hope.

Look at her now, she is hanging, on a rope.

A queen for the souls of the ages,

who were faithful to her powerful word,

And now, those forgotten souls are thrown  into oblivion

so that may never be heard.

Souls of the ages that were covered in blackness vain,

through their suffering, agony and pain,

were saving our poor and miserable life,

so we can stabbed them, with a traitorous knife.

There is still one tiny soul, who is seeking the generosity of sadness,

strolling in his own mind, searching for dalliance, searching for madness.

Giving all of himself, to find his lost beloved dear,

seeking  peace and serenity in his own worst fear.

Looking for anything, that will turned into his verse,

he closed his weary eyes, to hear the beautiful curse.

Oh no.

And his own imagination now turned his back to him,

with her happy joyful notes, without any scary scream.

Who else could return to him his love?

Perhaps, almighty God who watch him from above.

Oh, my happy and joyful life,

Do I have to use a knife to see my beautiful wife?

Ironically, not even death wants him no longer,

while her presence is now even stronger.

Now, while his mind is even more blur,

his very last tones, will dedicate to her,

and play a song  of sadness with his own tears,

maybe, it’s the only way, to return his lots of missing years.

And Indeed.

Only  through song she takes the form of life, like she was really there,

the melody was whispered, I will love you forever, honey, I swear.

Those memories he will keep forever, throught this song of sadness,

but the only thing that he will really keep forever, is his happy little madness.

Posted by Lari Ivancic

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