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The frozen flowers are being painted

by unknown painter.

The butterflies are looking for gunpowder

in the winter

to burn themselves

to burn these beautifull frozen flowers.


A Chaotic Circle with the power,

with the guns and gunpowder.

It confines everything except stars.

I want to breake these bars!


Without love our only chance is a miracle.

Can we save the butterflies

from this vicious circle?

Can we change the smell of gunpowder?

Can we change the world?



Posted by neptriton

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  1. Lijepa poredjenja i izrazajni stihovi!
    Mozemo li svijet promjeniti?!Ne bitno i ne sami ali ako nas je puno onda je svasta moguce(pratio si vjerojatno kroz medije arapsko proljece).


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