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I want you to show me


That you’re strong enough to own me


Daring enough to take me


Soft enough not to break me.


I want to know you


Feel you


Know how you’d like me to touch you


Know how I can arouse you


Know how to please you.


I want to take you to my darkest place


Know if you could keep up with the pace


Would you judge who I am


Would you follow in everything.


I want to give in not with heart


But with my soul


Would you dare to take it all…


I want to be your slave and your master


Your perfection and your disaster


I want to be kind


Nut also to blow your mind.


I want to be a flame in your darkest night


Your moth drawn to your light


Take you to darkest places of my soul


Then show you the heaven above.


Would you care

Posted by browny2x

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