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Don’t you call me so softly,

Don’t you be so quiet and sad

Because of my misery,

Because you’re so holy.

I could answer you promptly,

I could do something mad

And left my home and cherry,

Run away from this coly


And put my arms on your foot

To touch your garments,

To see your mind and learn

The way you’re wakening.

I will rip and crash my roots;

I will take all my repents

To put me on your concern

To be a musical note on the string.


Because what am I, a woman,

Lonely and so curious,

With affection for the lamb;

Blind for the sins in human

And left like a white rose

To shine like a lamp.


Do not be so attractive,

So I could see my Lord

Like the One who calls.

Must be we’re interactive,

Maybe can get this my sort

That holiness of yours.

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